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Bart’s Better Foods - Plant-Based ‘Meat’

Those moments when you find yourself staring into the fridge after a long day at work and see nothing that looks remotely satisfying, or healthy, are the worst!

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I can’t even! It is time for something revolutionary.

We’re done with the highly processed, prepared foods. Done with one-time meal kit orders. And we’re tired of throwing out moldy vegetables that sat in the fridge for over a week despite our best intentions.

When you’re exhausted tired or unmotivated, the contents of the fridge can look like stray parts—a random potato, a ketchup, a bag of carrots, a container of something leftover from two nights ago. The worst part: Nothing fits together in an easy and fast way to make a quick, satisfying meal.

I designed Bart’s Better Foods to provide that essential component that ties meals together effortlessly. It’s a plant-based meat that’s for everyone — whether you are animal product free, are working on eating less meat, dairy and eggs, or are trying to incorporate more fiber and natural vitamins into your diet!

At Bart’s Better Foods, we see our all-plant meat as an essential ingredient that helps complete everyday meals with ease while making them more nutritious, natural and healthy. You can make simple or sophisticated meals with our plant-based food, it’s all up to you. We just provide the base.

So when you’re seeing nothing in your fridge and decide to boil some pasta, or cook a vegetable, reach for Bart’s Better Foods. All of a sudden, a potato becomes a platform for enjoying Bart’s Better Foods, and a pasta becomes a way to have a delicious bolognese.

Cook up a scoop of Bart’s Better Foods ‘meat’ for both macro- and micro-nutrients. Put leftovers in a container and reheat for lunch at work the next day.

Bart’s Better Foods Plant-Based ‘Meat’

Bart’s Better Foods Plant-Based ‘Meat’

Bart’s Better Foods frozen plant-based blends act like a protein — not just for the protein itself, but the texture, body and heft that a ground meat brings to meals.

Bart’s Better Foods in the pan.

Bart’s Better Foods in the pan.

Our plant-based ground food is prepared in our commercial kitchen on Whidbey Island with fresh local, organic Whidbey Island beets, soaked organic pulses from the Pacific Northwest and raw organic hemp seeds. To this we combine our special low salt, low oil seasoning. Cook a scoop of Bart’s Better Foods vegan ‘meat’ to instantly elevate any meal.

We sell it in blocks that keep in the fridge for up to a week. Just freeze what you don’t use.


One scoop is all it takes! You’ll never look at the contents of your fridge contents in the same way again.