Bart's Better Foods Ground Meatless Meatball Blend

Bart's Better Foods Ground Meatless Meatball Blend


Make meals healthier and easier! Our organic, farm fresh, ground, plant-based meat makes patties, meatballs, falafel, crumble, meatloaf and more.

Makes up to 10 meatballs (depending on size). Our meatball blend contains organic beets, organic lentils (soaked for 8 hours), organic hemp seeds, olive oil, organic tomato paste, organic onion, organic garlic cloves, organic sunflower lecithin, fennel, oregano, garlic powder, sea salt.

Low sodium
Gluten free
Grain free
Gum free
Flour free
High protein
High fiber
Nutrient dense

Made in a commercial facility that processes nuts and fish.

List price includes shipping. Ships in packs of four only. FedEx 2-3 day. More options coming soon!

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